11th&16th to Celebrate the Launch of its Music, Art, and Entertainment Blog

(November 20, 2016 - South Bend,IN) - The midwest based Music, Art, and Entertainment blog will be launching its official website and internet based platform on December 16, 2016 on 11th16th.com. 11th&16th will offer content to all consumers that consists of various new and updates and music (mainstream or underground), Art, Music Production, and Entertainment (Music Videos, Film, and Art Visuals).

The 11th&16th brand/blog is founded and managed by creator Michael Bonds. The main goal of 11th&16th is to deliver an organic and new feel of music, art, and entertainment through a new platform. The platform will be delivered in a new original digital format that includes not only the website but also photo and video visuals, merchandise, events, and internet radio streaming. By staying tuned in to 11th&16th, our sole promise is to deliver three things, and that is organic content, innovation, and artistic elements in the best way possible.

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About 11th&16th

Founded in 2016, 11th&16th is a small digital blog focusing on unknown and upcoming independent and major label artists and producers in the music industry. This blog also consists of film, art visials, musi videos, and entertainement. 11th&16th delivers an organic and new feel of music through a new platform in a new original digital format that includes websites, photo and video visuals, merchandise, events, and radio.

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